Wednesday, September 18, 2013


 "Liv'd there such a thing as bliss; 
Skies that now are dark were beaming 
Gold and azure, splendid seeming 
Till I learn'd it all was dreaming- 
Deadly drowsiness of Dis" 
H.P. Lovecraft, Despair

 "HAIDES was the King of the Underworld, the god of death and the dead. He presided over funeral rites and defended the right of the dead to due burial. Haides was also the god of the hidden wealth of the earth."

"Haides was depicted as a dark-bearded, regal god. He was depicted enthroned in the underworld, holding a bird-tipped sceptre."
Aaron J. Atsma, The Theoi Project: Greek Mythology

We possess few representations of this divinity, but in those which still exist, he resembles his brothers Zeus and Poseidon, except that his hair falls down his forehead, and that the majesty of his appearance is dark and gloomy. His ordinary attributes are the key of Hades and Cerberus. 
Sir William Smith, Dictionary Of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology

 "Hades, lord of the dead, was a gloomy god of few words. Mortals feared him so much that they did not dare mention his name, for they might attract his attention and he might send for them."
Ingri & Edgar D'Aulaire, Book Of Greek Myths


  1. Now I know why there are no statues dedicated to Hades. Anyways, Mike, I know you will (verbally) murder me in my sleep, but I believe that there still about 247 Cthulhu Mythos beings that need to be drawn by the likes of you. I will not say the names of these beings, but will give links to these beings:
    I know that by reading this you're very mad with me, but, Godspeed!

  2. Hey Nicky, as of now I'm ONLY drawing creatures/gods mentioned by Lovecraft HIMSELF. Thanks for the links though.

    1. Oh okay, my bad, but still, Godspeed. May they be Badass x10,000