Monday, September 2, 2013

NecronomiCon '13 Wrap Up

It's been a week since NecronomiCon ended and I wanted to give a post-con wrap up. The reason it's taken me so long is that Jeanne and I continued on to Massachusetts to hang with some friends and then kept going to Maine to hang out at her Grandfather's house where we got NO reception/internet.

So what you missed (if you didn't go) or experienced (if you went) was a weekend full of amazing Lovecraftian/Weird events. Including but not limited to readings by Michael Cisco (the most disturbing story of the Con), John Langan and Caitlin Kiernan, a panel about sexuality and gender in Lovecraftian fiction,  S.T. Joshi, W.H. Pugmire and Lois Gresh, I got to meet my favorite contemporary author (Laird Barron) AND hear him speak, Neurosis played with Lustmord, The Darkest Of the Hillside Thickets played outside, THREE galleries worth of Lovecraftian art, including one I was in at the Cohen Gallery at Brown University! 

The show I was in included artists I've admired and been inspired by including Paul Romano (who couldn't make it and graciously gave me his Neurosis tickets!), Alan Brown, Justin Bartlett, and f*#king Nick Blinko

My work next to Nick Blinko's!!

Speaking of which, I got to meet a TON of amazingly talented artists. I (basically) made a sweet trade with Nick Gucker for a gruesome Ghoul print (pictured below)! Nick's work is super gross and beautiful and if you haven't you should check it out.

Not to mention I finally got to meet Jason McKittrick who handed me an exquisite Cthulhu statue! DUDE!! Same with this guy...look at/buy his work!

I was also tabling right next to Gunsho who's work I've been in awe of for years (specifically his 72 Demons series), and traded him for these mind altering prints. 

Three of Gunsho's prints

I also can't say enough about Mitch McArtor and joeyZone two of the art organizers and great artists in their own right. I got to meet them and they were so enthusiastic and helpful and just all around awesome dudes!

This entire trip was made even more amazing and enjoyable by our fantastic hosts Phil and Vicki. I honestly couldn't have had a better time staying with them, hanging out with them and blathering for hours on end about movies with them. Seriously great people.

Speaking of great people, Phil is one third of The Double Shadow podcast and I got to meet Tim and Ruth as well who were super fun and cool and I can't wait to hang out with them more!

 LASTLY, I sold a TON of stuff up at NecronomiCon and I'll be putting the leftover merchandise on sale THIS COMING FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 6th at 11AM EST.

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