Tuesday, September 10, 2013


"Trident-bearing Neptune was there, and sportive tritons and fantastic nereids, and upon dolphins’ backs was balanced a vast crenulate shell wherein rode the grey and awful form of primal Nodens, Lord of the Great Abyss. And the conches of the tritons gave weird blasts, and the nereids made strange sounds by striking on the grotesque resonant shells of unknown lurkers in black sea-caves. Then hoary Nodens reached forth a wizened hand and helped Olney and his host into the vast shell, whereat the conches and the gongs set up a wild and awesome clamour."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Strange High House In the Mist 

"Its former importance in British tradition has, however, been confirmed by the discovery at Lydney Park in Gloucestershire of the remains of a Romano-British temple containing dedications to a god Nodons (or Nodens), whos name correspondes etymologically to Nuadha and Nudd."

"The obvious syncretism of the Lydney Park cult makes it difficult to asses the significance of the objects found there. Thus some of them would suggest that the god has strong aquatic associations, and yet these are not noticeably reflected."
Proinsias Mac Cana, Celtic Mythology

"No physical depiction of Nodons survives, but votive plaques at the shrine appear to show a man hooking a fish."
James MacKillop, Dictionary Of Celtic Mythology

"During the Roman era, a large Romano-Celtic temple was built to honor Nodons on the banks of the Severn river. The temple was situated at the site of an ancient earthwork, and the symbolism inside it-which included the sun, water and dogs-seems to underscore his role as a healer."
Sharon Paice Macleod, Celtic Myth and Religion

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