Monday, June 13, 2011


Odours of incense and corruption joined in sickening concert, and the black air was alive with the cloudy, semi-visible bulk of shapeless elemental things with eyes."

"In an instant every moving entity was electrified; and forming at once into a ceremonial procession, the nightmare horde slithered away in quest of the sound—goat, satyr, and aegipan, incubus, succuba, and lemur, twisted toad and shapeless elemental, dog-faced howler and silent strutter in darkness—all led by the abominable naked phosphorescent thing that had squatted on the carved golden throne, and that now strode insolently bearing in its arms the glassy-eyed corpse of the corpulent old man."
H.P. Lovecraft, The Horror At Red Hook

"Elementals-The unseen intelligences who inhabit the four elements, of the finest essence of which thy are composed."
Lewis Spence, An Encyclopedia Of Occultism


  1. You've gotten an amazing amount of mileage out of that one paragraph. Keep rocking!

  2. Love it. Shapeless, yet refined.