Tuesday, March 31, 2020


"'It sure is a mean-looking old thing,' Neenie replied obliquely. 'It looks like the head of a great big baby. Or like a great big, big eye.'"

"Daintily she dropped the cube of meat on the monsters' thin-skinned pink upper surface."

"The big pink thing like the head of an enormous baby, the big pink thing like a six-foot eye -- it was gone."

"It had been nothing but a big old stomach anyway."

"What did you do to the glannanth out in the ash pit?"
Margaret St. Clair, Personal Monster

Monday, March 30, 2020


“Appy squawked. He flapped his wings.”

“I lost one or two feathers getting through the south gate.”

He got a shock that jolted him down to the ends of his tail feathers.

“The few drops of plastic that had landed on it had given its normal olive drab coloring a faintly rotten look.”

“Appy flapped his wings reflectively. He’d never had a screwdriver in his weak little pseudocheir in his life.”

“He thrust the tool into his pouch and waddled off at top speed.”

"What would happen to the bird people's hatching rate now?"
Margaret St. Clair, The Hero Comes 

Friday, March 27, 2020


"'Bigger than a person. Like an ape, maybe, but it didn't seem like it was finished. It seemed like a person in a gab or something, so that the shape was right, but there weren't any details. Arms, legs, hands. No eyes. Just a mouth. A big mouth, with one big tooth like a knife right i the middle of it, nothing else.'"

"I don't have to wait long. There's a sound from up the chimney, a roar, then a slurping, bumping, sliding, scuffling noise, and then something comes half-falling, half-pouring out of the hearth, big and black and awful, like a sack full of wriggling tar. It pushes a stink ahead of it, rotting weeds and hair left too long down a drain, and then it comes out mouth-first, that one huge tooth pointed straight at me like a dagger."
Orrin Grey, Remains

Thursday, March 26, 2020


"The body nude, now grassless and hairless, effervescent green-yellow, abdomen translucent, almost see-through. A monster with tender eyes. Eyes meant to comfort her into a sense of ease now already amplified by the grass?"

"The ghost/creature/thing just continued to stand there, stare at her, its body flowing like liquid -- olive, sea-green, pine, emerald, lime, chartreuse, pistachio."

"No longer a puddle, the mound of glimmering goo was steadily rising, shaping...legs, torso, arms and head. Eyes."

"Hovering above her, she sees the length of the appendage that was inside her -- a tendril longer than she ever thought she could sustain and yet there was no pain, only pleasure. She wants to pull him back inside her but it collapses into the gooey puddle of shimmering blob in which she's lying."

"She shifts to her back and sees a face even less human than the night before -- a globular head with no nose and round green eyes with saucer-shaped slits in their center."

"She watched the back of the slime monster man's luminous green figure as he walked through the tall grass towards the shore."
Anya Martin, Grass

Wednesday, March 25, 2020


"I was born a knot like my mother and her mother before her. Picture three women with their torsos twisted like thick pieces of rope with a single hitch in the center."

"But our knots are simple: Overhand. Our abdomens twist in and out just once, our bodies wrapping back into themselves, creating dark caverns, coiled as snakes."

"The first woman, Eleanor X, was born a knot in 1947, She gave birth to two sons (unknotted), and a daughter who carried the knot. Her births were not compromised by the knot."

"This very rare gene resides in the X chromosome. Doctors have determined the knots are largely a cosmetic issue, potentially rendering the women outsiders in society. The impact is largely emotional, rater than physical. Doctors have decided to halt their inquiry into its cause after years of inconclusive research."

"My breasts are small, and there is a bit of flatness before it begins. Just below my ribs, the skin changes. My knot is strained and stretch-marked, shining and hard.
Sarah Rose Etter, The Book Of X

Tuesday, March 24, 2020



"Instead, she saw a naked boy sitting on a rock formation, looking at the truck's flatbed. She was speechless. None of it made any sense. His nudity, for one thing. Then, there was the thing with his hair. It was dust colored, not exactly grey or white. And he had a lot of it, on his head, chest, and yes, his groin. A thick shelf of it formed a unibrow. His face was ugly, almost f(ucking)-ugly. A nose that was grotesquely upturned, eyes too big and a sickly shade of blue, bizarrely large ears furred with even more dusty hair. Connie saw his junk was erect. It was an ugly thing, an orangy-red rod. And his nails were long and filthy. But the worst thing of all were his teeth. They wer gagged and uneven. And they had a weird shine to them."

"They were sharp, glittering things, more like knives. And they were transparent, as if the woman who had hatched form the moon had a mouth full of broken glass."
Craig Laurence Gidney, The Nectar Of Nightmares

Monday, March 23, 2020


"She has forgotten how to be a jaguar but the knowledge sometimes returns in her dreams and she wakes to the dark room and the shape of the man next to her and the distant smell of jungle and night."

"Bound inside the stiff dresses, under layers of velvet, ruffs, embroidered roses, it is easy to forget how to shift her shape, how to move sleek and elegant on four legs."

"There was a woman in the mirror but it was not her. She remembers her face differently. It was a face with strong jaws, sharp teeth, yellow eyes."
Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Jaguar Woman

"Were-Jaguars are the variant on the Werewolf motif in the folklore of the peoples of South America."
Carol Rose, Giants, Monsters and Dragons

Tuesday, March 3, 2020


Obviously, with everything going on right now, the Outer Dark Symposium has been postponed. This is a smart and well thought out decision. Attendees and participants safety and health are most important. 

Monday, March 2, 2020


This week is gonna be a heavy news week over here. I wanted to post a brand new cover I did for a Fiona Geist DCC model called Mangrels ATE My Servants!

Apollyon Inc. will be publishing it and you can learn more about their entire catalog here. If you guys are interested in my sketch to finish process, here's a thumbnail, WIP pencil drawing and the finish:

I'm also working on a third book for Sam Richard at Weird Punk Books! They previously released the anthologies Zombie Punks Fuck Off! and The New Flesh which I did the covers for. This new one is going to be much darker in tone and I'm very excited for it. It should be done within the next two weeks. Hopefully that will give me enough time to finish a weeks worth of monsters before The Outer Dark Symposium. If not expect them early April.