Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sketches 12

More sketches as we countdown to new posts in March. Her are two more small dudes that got redrawn. I may also do a post of first attempts and redraws later in the week.

This new Wamp is way better and weirder than the original version. The sketch has a few differences from the final version. Mouth in the finish is way creepier and weirder.  I also thought too many creatures I've drawn have had claw hands, so I wanted to try a more brutal appendage, haha...Skewer hands seem pretty gnarly to me.

I've wrestled with the Mi-Go since I first started this project. I'm finally happy with this third version. It's weird, distinctly my design but retains all of HPL's elements. 

Another batch of sketches will be coming up tomorrow as we countdown to March.

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