Wednesday, March 12, 2014


"The woman was no longer beautiful. Her skin ran with rivulets of toxic acid, dissolving her robes and flaying her flesh. but it was not muscle and blood that was concealed behind her now-graying, bubbling skin; hers was an inner flesh of worms and tentacular sinews tainted with the corruption of ages. From Nowhere she wore a long curved mask of polished bronze, with eye slits the color of oily pools. When the woman laughed she did so with more wickedness that found in all the heathens of this world, 
and I at last understood what real evil was.
David Conyers, The Faceless Watchers

"It’s an interesting book Mr. Peel. Five hundred fables, most of them concerning a dark god called the Masked Messenger, Nyarlathotep, and how she offers power and salvation to those who ask for it. There is, of course, always a price."

"In his small, dull room, he could make out that one of her eyes was covered with a white film. She was properly and modestly veiled, even though it was inappropriate for her to be in the company of a strange man unescorted."

"Acid perspired from her pores, dissolving the fabric of her robes and the car seat, but never enough to completely erode either. She smelt like drain cleaner.
"Outside the hot wind gathered, swirled her robe about her slender form as if it were a living entity. She continued to drip acid, an endless supply carving canals in her flesh. Where the acid fell upon the sand, glass formed."

Now the Masked Messenger waited for him. She wore an elongated mask of bronze, with two dark eye-slits and no mouth piece"
David Conyers & John Goodrich, The Masked Messenger


  1. Just a vague bit of similarity to Pyramid Head from Silent Hill 2.

  2. "And then I said, why the long face...."
    Great illo, that robe is amazing!