Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Hey folks! I know it's been a bit since the last monster post and I just wanted to update you on some news.

First and foremost, some blog news. Next week is a FULL week of BRAND NEW NYARLATHOTEP COLLABORATIONS! Authors Nathan Ballingrud, Kaaron Warren and Simon Strantzas created their own versions of the Crawling Chaos for me to illustrate. Not only that, but there will be two brand new avatars created by Jason McKittrick and myself!!

Secondovly, Seventh Church Ministries now has it's own site! It's still a bit under construction but the framework is there. You can look at past issues of Illustro Obscurum and other artists books. Not only that but you super collectors can see pertinent printing info like, dates, editions and numbers.

I also have some super amazing news that I can't get into too much, but I'll be illustrating a story for Scott Nicolay! Sam at Dim Shores is putting out a chapbook of Scott's super ominous tale after. I'll be doing the cover and three interior illustrations! Scott is one of my favorite contemporary writers, so this is an honor and a blast. I'll post the actual illustrations once I have clearance. 

A detail from my The Thing On the Doorstep piece

Most importantly, I'll be tabling at NecronomiCon in Providence RI this August 20th-23rd. Not only that but I'll be in the Ars Necronomica show at the Providence Art Club with this piece based on The Thing On the Doorstep! The Ars Necronomica show is full of amazing artists who I'm humbled to be counted among. Skinner, Allison Sommers, Jeanne D'Angelo, Jason McKittrick, Dave Felton, Seldon Hunt, Bob Eggleton, Allen Koszowski and Jason C. Eckhardt among a ton of very talented others.

And for you super nerds, I'll have a NECRONOMICON ONLY Illustro Obscurum available at my table!! The guest of honor this year is Ramsey Campbell I'll be making an exclusive Illustro Obscurum Revelations Of Gla'aki I zine limited to 20 copies!!!!

I will also be on two panels at the 'Con. One will be titled ANTARCTICA! about At the Mountains Of Madness and it's Antarctic setting. The other is OH, THE TENTACLES! at Omni 2 about Lovecraftian art. I'm most excited about that panel considering I'll be sharing the stage with John Coulthart, Lauren Panepinto, Allen Koszowski and Jason C. Eckhardt!

Finally,  Jeanne D'Angelo, Alan Brown and I will be tabling at the Small Press Expo in Maryland this September. If you're in the area hit me up and buy some zines!

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