Friday, August 7, 2015


"They gaped at it. That was all they could do: stare past the horrible bacchanal of dismemberment to the statue itself, as it began to move."

"The blood that had trickled down the front of the idol boiled and steamed, and the head that had been placed atop the neck began to swell. The sockets widened until the nasion popped, revealing a single eye, monstrous and three-lobed. The mouth melted and drooped, sabre-like fangs sprouting from the gums while a livid tongue unrolled down to the statue's chest."

"With a clang, the idol cracked down the middle and each half fell to the side. What was coiled beneath was far too large to have been housed in the shell from which it erupted."

"As the forked tail uncoiled, the head elongated and tapered to match that lower appendage. Membranous wings spread out from its back as its arms stretched forth. A spray of acidic slime spattered the cavorters as they writhed in ecstasy or pain, it was impossible to tell which. What was left where the statue had once stood now resembled an enormous winged worm, with a face and arms."

"Wilenski could not look away from it. He stared into its great eye, and as he did so he felt as if something was being planted in the base of his skull. Then he felt it twitch."
Michael Bukowski & Jason McKittrick, The Bronze God Awakens
Edited by Orrin Grey


  1. I LOVE IT!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!! On a separate note; have you considered of doing a monster week featuring the creatures from Last and First Man?

    1. I second this. I'd love to see Mike's take on some of the creatures described in the book.

  2. Thank you for more of this enjoyable "read"... and , as always, great artwork as well....