Wednesday, October 28, 2015


"There was a hairy arm pushing up out of the ground, and then this long snout sheddin' dirt, and then this thing pulled its way out of the hole and wobbled up there on the edge of the grave. It was about seven feet tall. It was like a wolf, only it had a long snout and ten times the teeth. Them teeth hung out and twisted ever which way, and tall as it was, it was still bent some. But the eyes, that was the worst. They was as yellow as old custard, except when they rolled, 'cause then they showed a kind of bloody white around them."

"It was a male, that was obvious. Male like all the others, cause the thing that let me know they was all male was hanging out for all to see, long as a razor strap, thick as my ankle. And then it looked right at me."

"The King Wolf's ears flicked, its tongue came out of its mouth and licked at the air and lapped across its own snout."

"It stood on its hind legs and its cock and balls swung about when it moved as if they were a clockwork mechanism."
Joe R. Lansdale, The Gentleman's Hotel

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