Monday, February 1, 2016


Hey everyone! Sorry it's been quiet here for the first month of 2016 but I've been super busy with commissions. I thought I'd give a new round up and then let you know what's up next.

Last year was an extremely productive year for me. While that's awesome, and I'm by no means complaining, it did mean that I failed to meet my self proclaimed "Year Of 100 Monsters" goal. I did however, manage to illustrate 89 monsters including collaborations with Simon Strantzas, Kaaron Warren, Nathan Ballingrud and Jason McKittrick for my Nyarlathotep series as well as five creatures for my new Stories From the Borderlands project with Scott Nicolay.

On top of that, I did illustrations for Scott Nicolay's "after" (Dim Shores), Richard Gavin's "Fume" (Dunham's Manor), Bill Coberly's short story "Cassilda's Songs" (Unwinnable 60) and Michael Wehunt's "Greener Pastures" (Shock Totem)! I posted the cover for Nicolay's "after" but I never posted the interiors, so here's all those pieces together at once!


Unfortunately, I can't post the art for Michael Wehunt's collection yet but rest assured I'll be making a big stink about it when the time comes. I'm extremely happy with how the piece turned out.

I was also commissioned to do an illustration and a spot illustration for Matthias Weeks' entries in a  DCC Mega Zine as well as a piece for Jason McKittrick's Parcel Of Terror!

There were also these pieces I did for the Ars Necronomica show during NecronomiCon, an ad for Seventh Church Ministries and a bonus print based on a Ramsey Campbell Hallween-themed short story.

Tomorrow I'll be posting images of what I've been working on in January as well as upocming Seventh Church Ministries releases and info on the next batch of monsters to post on the blog!

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