Thursday, March 10, 2016


Hey folks! Just a quick news update before we get back to the monsters. I'm finally able to reveal a huge project that I worked on last year. It's the wraparound cover for Michael Wehunt's debut collection Greener Pastures. It's available for preorder now from publisher Shock Totem.

I also finished up the poster for the H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & Cthulhucon in San Pedro CA. They currently have a Kickstarter going to raise money to fly some cool guests out. 

As far as upcoming monstrosities, I'll be posting a second round of my collaboration with author Scott Nicolay, Stories From the Borderland in a few weeks. I'll also have a Clark Ashton Smith "primer" zine that will be accompanying Cadabra Records vinyl release of S.T. Joshi reading some of CAS's poetry. So, expect to see some creatures from the back pages of the Book Of Eibon soon!

You should also head over to the Seventh Church Ministries site to keep up on new releases. There are a ton planned for this year, including Illustro Obscurum Volume IX! It's been over two years since I did a single volume of Illustro Obscurum, so I'm very excited!


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