Monday, July 9, 2018


Hey everyone! I know it's been quiet here since the Hoard Of the Gibbelins went up for sale (only 3 copies remain!) but I haven't been idle. I've been working on the very last Lovecraftian monster I have left to draw....that's right AZATHOTH!!! 

"Outside the ordered universe is that amorphous blight of nethermost confusion which blasphemes and bubbles at the center of all infinity—the boundless daemon sultan Azathoth, whose name no lips dare speak aloud, and who gnaws hungrily in inconceivable, unlighted chambers beyond time and space amidst the muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin monotonous whine of accursed flutes."
-H.P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath

If you're wondering why this one is taking so long, it's because it's the most complex and largest creature I've ever drawn for this blog. So, what I'll be doing is posting progress shots. From sketch to pencils, from inked to flat color, all the way to the final rendered piece. 

In other news, I'll have a new zine coming out in August. It'll be Stories From the Borderland II collecting the 6 essays and 7 monsters from my project with Scott Nicolay! 

I'll also have a very exciting item up for sale at the same time.....Seventh Church Ministries t-shirts!!
Stay tuned for more details on both and for progress shots on Azathoth! 

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