Monday, July 31, 2023


"After God had finished the rattlesnake, the toad, and the vampire, He had some awful substance left with which He made a scab. A scab is a two-legged animal with a corkscrew soul, a waterlogged brain, and a combination backbone made of jelly and glue. Where others have hearts, he carries a tumor of rotten principles.

When a scab comes down the street, men turn their backs and angels weep in heaven, and the devil shuts the gates of hell to keep him out. No man has a right to scab as long as there is a pool of water deep enough to drown his body in, or a rope long enough to hang his carcass with. Judas Iscariot was a gentleman compared with a scab. For betraying his Master, he had character enough to hang himself. A scab hasn't.

Esau sold his birthright for a mess of pottage. Judas Iscariot sold his savior for thirty pieces of silver. Benedict Arnold sold his country for a promise of a commission in the British Army. The modern strikebreaker sells his birthright, his country, his wife, his children, and his fellow men for an unfulfilled promise from his employer, trust, or corporation

Solidarity wins"
Jack London, Ode To A Scab

As "hot labor summer" enters August, it's important to remember to support unions in their struggle for better working conditions not matter where they are or what type of work it is. We all deserve better wages, hours & conditions.

I had set this monster aside to post if the Teamsters/UPS decided to strike but they have agreed to a temporary contract. This contract still needs to be voted on by rank & file UPS members and many part timers feel dissatisfied with the temp contract (part timers make up roughly 55% of UPS' entire workforce).

However, there are some other high profile strikes happening right now. The WGA (Writers Guild Of America)  and SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild - American Federation of Television and Radio Artists). As with all strikes the fight is for better wages, hours & conditions but specifically the advent of streaming and its opaqueness has led to the decimation of residuals. Residuals used to be how most actors were able to support themselves. The WGA SAG strike is also important for ALL of us because it's establishing a blueprint for how to fight & regulate AI in the workplace. 

To support the WGA & SAG-AFTRA you can donate to the Entertainment Community Fund.
In less glamorous but equally pressing labor news:

Southern California hospitality workers (Unite Here Local 11) are currently on strike!

You can donate to their strike fund here.

Waffle House employees in South Carolina (Union Of Southern Service Workers) are currently on strike. 


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