Tuesday, April 29, 2014


"I found eventually a brief excerpt in a tome I will not name here. In it was mentioned a rare form of XX:

"For she was there, a woman of refinement and grace. A vessel of lust and intrigue. My heart was compelled to love [her], while my being shuddered in deep shame and revulsion.
I became obsessed with the idea of this incarnation. The search for it forced me across continents, scouring rare books and scrolls, staring at etchings on walls of temples.
There were times when I felt a fool, when I thought perhaps the mask of the Woman was merely a mistranslation. Some fever dream. Why did I want to find her so badly?"

"I was staying in Budapest, with a nobleman and scholar. He was hosting a ball for the seasonal equinox. The guests were a glittery assortment of the wealthy and local academics. I was in a dour mood. Bored. Annoyed. I kept to a shadowy corner, sipping a warm Brandy, scowl affixed to my face. When, from out of the crowd, 
a woman approached me."
"She was tall, with a long swan neck, and a heart shaped face. Cherubic cheeks and pouty swollen lips. Those lips were pink, shining and wet. Obscene. Her eyes glinted. Like… like sapphires. Her hair, auburn, shone like spun copper in the candlelight. She took my hand in her gloved one and led me outside toward the gardens. They were silent as a shadow and so was she. She took me into the groves, the moonlight remote and cold above us. Then she turned to me, a faint smiling curling at her puffy mouth. And without a word she undid her gown and lowered it to her waist."

"Her breasts were high set, shapely. They ignited that most base desire in me. I went to her. She was graceful as a dancer, silent as a serpent, and soft as a flower petal. My eager hands sought out the bunching fabric and pushed the gown down, down to the dirt. I knew then that I had found the creature I so desperately searched for all this time."

"Below its taut belly and swell of womanly hips, hung her sex. It was massive in scale and dangled,obscenely, swaying like a tropical fruit from between strong thighs. Layers and layers of flesh and membrane resembling the draped fabric of a ladies skirt. Glistening and amphibious. Dripping with musk. A musk, I say with a deep shame, aroused me as it repulsed me. Then and now. Beneath the folds, like a pearl in an oyster, was its massive clitoris: large as a melon. I stared transfixed as it moved, revealing to me, another face. I think now this was Its true face. No less beautiful than the one above, wreathed in silksoft nether flesh and down hair."
"This was the mouth that beckoned me close, onto my knees, to press my ear to its velvet contours. This was the mouth that spoke."

"They found me the next morning, naked and pale, trembling and covered in viscous fluids. I still cannot sleep, cannot dream…"

"It was two months later that I finally took the small knife to my own genitals. As I cut, the words that mouth spoke echoed in my mind. I thought I could silence them. I was wrong."
Victoria Dalpe, Excerpt from Encounters Beyond the Veil
Written Exclusively For an Illustro Obscurum Collaboration


  1. Wow...that's...disturbing is an insufficient word for this...great work!

  2. I love her!

    Thanks for including me in this project, I had so much fun.

  3. VICKI!! I LOVED YOUR STORY! I had a hard time keeping up with the grotesqueness of your writing!

  4. This is one of the most bent and twisted avatars of your I have seen. I now need to scrub my mind and use a gallon of brain bleach.