Wednesday, November 12, 2014


"I uttered a great cry; for there, lying upon the deck, on its back, was a gigantic crab, so vast in size that I had not conceived so huge a monster existed."

"We had been attacked by a wandering shoal of giant crabs, which, it is quite possible, roam across the weed from place to place, devouring aught that comes in their path."
Wiliam Hope Hodgson, The Fifth Message

"Then the bo'sun sung out to us to haul the crab aboard, that we had it most securely' yet on the instant we had reason to wish that we had been less successful; for the creature feeling the tug of our pull up on it, tossed the weed in all directions, and thus we had full sight of it, and discovered it to be so great a crab as is scarce conceivable--a very monster."
William Hope Hodgson, The Boats Of the Glen Garrig

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  1. The Boats of the Glen Carrig is one of my great favorite Hodgson stories.