Friday, November 14, 2014


"As I look the Thing comes further over the rail. It is rising, rising, higher and higher. There are no eyes visible; only that fearful slobbering mouth set on the 
tremendous trunk-like neck;"

"For a few seconds the hideous creature lies heaped in writhing, slimy coils. Then, with quick, darting movements, the monstrous head travels along the deck. Close by the mainmast stand the harness casks, and alongside of these a freshly opened cask of salt beef with the top loosely replaced. Then those lips open, displaying four huge fangs;"

"There, right about the mouth, is a pair of little pig-eyes, that seem to twinkle with a diabolical intelligence."

"There, with its tail upon the deck and its vast body curled round the mainmast, is the monster, its head above the topsail yard, and its great claw-armed tentacle 
waving in the air."

"It is curling and twisting here and there. It is as thick as a tree, and covered with a smooth slimy skin. At the end is a great claw, like a lobster's, only a thousand times larger."
William Hope Hodgson, A Tropical Horror


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  1. Fantastic! That's how I pictured the beast myself. Who did it? If I was going to get a tattoo, I's get that thing on my forearm.