Wednesday, October 11, 2017


"'You've seen 'em yourself. Plenty. Wide stiff brim, high crown, cut out of a sheet of Tandy cowhide and laced together like a Boy's Life project. Get the picture?"

 "Those hats? Kind of Waylon Jennings cum L.A. pimp culture hats? Well, I can't say I've seen one lately, man."

 "Right! And it's too cold for the motherfuckers, up there, that's why! Add that to the evidence!" 

"What evidence, Merv? What motherfuckers?" "PARASITES," he whispers, "Alien fucking parasites..."

"PARASITES," he whispers, "Alien fucking parasites..." "Listen. This is crucial, man. You think those things are just, like, some stupid kind of hat, right? Maybe THE stupid kind of hat, and that's fucking brilliant. Last thing YOU'D be caught wearing, right? And it's people like you who pose the greatest threat, people with open minds, people who read my books. But I've finally SEEN one, man and I KNOW."

Legs. You said legs?" "Maybe a dozen, more. Kinda browny transparent. Ever see a scorpion that's gotten too big? They get kind of pale and waxy.

No eyes. I saw where the hat had had it's claws in, kinda puppet trip...'"
William Gibson, Hippie Hat Brain Parasite
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