Wednesday, December 27, 2017


"The Dark didn't have any head or arms or legs or body. It didn't have any eyes either, but it was looking at Stevie. It didn't have any mouth, but it was mumbling at Stevie."

"It poured in a thin stream through the open place in the magic and shot up like a tower of smoke."

"The Dark stood up behind the magic rocks and it had made itself look like Arnold only its eyes didn't match and it had forgotten one ear and it was freckled all over like Arnold's face."

"Its Arnold-face was all twisted and one eye was slipping down one cheek."

"'The Dark!' he whispered. 'The Dark. It got out. It got in Eddie!'"

"Eddie's mouth looked full of twisting darkness and Eddie's legs had learned how a donkey runs and Eddie could outrun Stevie andy day of the week."
Zenna Henderson, Stevie And the Dark

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