Wednesday, October 17, 2018


"His elongated body convulsed in senseless movement, four arms lashed out, four legs jackknifed with blind, un­reasoning strength."

"Life surged from the bottom point of static to the swirling, irresistible height of dynamism that jarred every atom of his scarlet, cylindrical body and his round, vicious head. His legs and arms glis­tened like tongues of living fire, as they twisted and writhed in the blaze of light from those dazzling portholes. His mouth, a gash in the center of his hideous head, slavered a white frost that floated away in little frozen globules."

"He reached out with his four fire-colored arms, and with his immense strength clutched the human being."

"One arm, with its eight wirelike fin­gers, lashed out with indescribable swift­ness at the ceiling, through it, and then he had a gun from the holster of one of the men.

"The eggs were round, grayish ob­jects, one of them slightly cracked. As they watched, the crack widened; an ugly. round, scarlet head with tiny, beady eyes and a tiny slit of a mouth poked out. The head twisted on its short neck, and the eyes glittered up at them with a hard ferocity."

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  1. I had a weird dream the other night with this creature in it but it was white.