Monday, April 26, 2021


"The creatures that emerged from the cloud were human in size and general configuration - but that was where the semblance ended. Leaner and longer-armed than humans, the intruders were the color of tarnished gold. Their bodies were swathed in swirling, blood-red garments, and there was a hint of scaliness to the exposed skin of their arms and legs. Their skulls were narrow and flattened and slit-pupilled eyes glared above vestigial noses and wide, snarling mouth, from which serpent-like fangs protruded."

"Large, curved swords and spears with hooked tips were clutched tightly in the intruders' long-fingered hands."

"'Sand-kin,' Ukenge replied in a low tone that implied that the intruders were as dangerous as they appeared to be."
Charles R. Saunders, Dossouye II

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