Thursday, September 22, 2022


"I was about to rise when I head strange sounds beside me. Slowly, I turned my head toward Julie, my body stiff with tension beneath the grimy, slick excretions of my flesh, It was dark, so horribly dark, and yet I could see the sheets rolled around her as to form a womb. It encompassed her from head to toe, not a bit of flesh visible. No moonlight came through the blinds, no ambient light from the hallway. The bedroom door gaped open to an even deeper darkness beyond."
Philip Fracassi, Mother
Another of Fracassi's monsters that's not explicitly described but hinted at and alluded to. This one features a woman that metamorphosed into a spider / human hybrid. 

At this point, I've drawn a few spider/human hybrids and I always go back to the idea of mandibles protruding from a human mouth. It's a very unsettling idea and it really sticks with me.

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