Monday, September 19, 2022


"On the bed, on the mattress, is a brown comforter and a humped tangle of bedding. The thing underneath is lumpy and large, like a bag of playground balls with a sheet tossed over them. Tom walks to the bed and clutches the sheet in one sweating fist."

"He jerks the sheet away and screams. His sanity leaps from him like a burned animal, his mind snaps like kindling and he screams and screams."
Philip Fracassi, Soft Construction Of A Sunset

This is the first of two weeks worth of monsters from the book Harboring Monsters, my interpretations of monsters from Philip Fracassi stories.
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This story is about a person that, through concentration & rage, can alter reality with his mind. The story describes things distorted à la Salvador Dalí's work. And the title of the story is obviously a reference to Dali's painting Soft Construction With Boiled Beans, so I used that and another of his paintings, The Great Masturbator, as reference.

And whenever his name is mentioned, I'll get on my soapbox to repeat that Dali was a fascist and prick and can burn in hell.

That being said, I had a lot of fun with this drawing. When Philip & I first started corresponding about which creatures to draw, this wasn't on the list. However, it was the one I was most compelled to draw after reading. I got to go wild with the odd forms and bending parts of the body that shouldn't bend. And Philip is an excellent person to work with. He gives great feedback and is super encouraging.

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