Friday, November 13, 2015

Happy Birthday William Hope Hodgson!

This coming Sunday November 15th is William Hope Hodgson's birthday. To celebrate, everyday next week I'll be posting a new monster from Hodgson's alt-reality apocalyptic novel The Night Land.
Hodgson's story is set in the far future of a strange land. The remainder of humanity lives in a giant pyramid called the Great Redoubt. At one point they had contact with a smaller pyramid (The Lesser Redoubt) but communication has stopped. Now one man must make the journey through a rugged monster infested landscape to see if anyone's left in the other refuge.

It's full of amazing imagery, gloriously strange creatures and interesting concepts. However, it's made almost unreadable by an odd stilted (and extremely repetitious) vernacular (apparently Hodgson was trying to create a future slang based on archaic English?!) and some pretty insidious misogyny.

HOWEVER! The monsters are great and I did my best to bring them to life...


  1. As you say, very hard to read, but worth it if you stick with it! I can't wait to see what you do with the ab-humans and the rest!