Monday, November 23, 2015


"She could feel how it was moving, she screamed that. She could feel it was a monster."

“’You see, it wasn’t her husband who’d told her
originally what would happen to her baby. It was another man, who had power over her and her husband. Those were her words: had power. And he hadn’t just said the baby would be born a monster. He’d said he would make it born that way.”

“’Was it as bad as she feared?’”
“’Yes,’ the doctor said. ‘Yes, it was.‘”
“’This is all I’ll tell you,’ he said, and George felt he hoped it would leave him in the telling. 
‘It was nearly three feet long.’”
Ramsey Campbell, The Doll Who Ate His Mother


  1. Man! This is really...sick! I love it!

  2. And yet somehow the Campbell is even worse, more frightening, than this monster baby. It's like... ew... 3 feet long... yeesh.