Tuesday, November 17, 2015


"And I crept to the edge and looked downward, and lo! I did see that there came up the rock two Humped Men;"

"And I saw how that the Humped Men did seem to be humpt by reason of their being so monstrous thick and mighty of the neck and the shoulder, as that they had been human bulls. And I saw that they were very strong, and by the speed of their climbing, I knew they were swift;"

"And in that moment that I slew him, I did note curiously how that he had large teeth upon each side of the mouth;"

"And the blow came something short; but yet harmed the Humped Man with a gash upon the belly, very sore and horrid among the great brown hairs of the man. And immediately he sprang after me me; but I smote full at the face; so that he leaped back from the strange roar and blaze of the Diskos, and yet was harmed; for he gat not right free of the blow; but did be cut very sore on the mighty and haired arm."
William Hope Hodgson, The Night Land


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