Tuesday, December 8, 2015


"The monoliths shook in the soil like the prongs of a tuning fork. As they vibrated they began to sway back and forth, each swing wider than the last until the dirt spewed up at the base of each in a small explosion. It was the legs. Each one had four crustacean-like legs covered in rough shell armor and pointed at the end. Then, as they lifted themselves out of the loam the stone in the center of each cracked revealing a glowing red eye. "

"But the real horror was the center column. The same as the other but larger and engraved with indecipherable glyphs. It loomed over Nick and Denise as the sat in shocked horror. Their mouths agape as their brains tried to catch up with what their eyes were seeing. This was supposed to be a fun trip to see a local oddity. They never would have believed that the legends of living stones were true. Then the largest one opened it's eye. Different than the rest, it was tri-lobed, orange, and horrible." 


  1. Tried to contaact you with an email, but it looks like you dont check them that frequently ;-)

    I just wanted to ask from which story this was taken, and where i could read/buy the text?
    I have not been able to find any clues online.