Tuesday, December 1, 2015


It's no secret that I love Scott Nicolay's work. I was impressed by his fantastic debut collection Ana Kai Tangata to the point that I illustrated a creature from his story Soft Frogs. Scott then contacted me to illustrate the cover and interiors for his Dim Shores released novella "after".

Well, Scott and I are working together again. This time we're teaming up on a project we've dubbed Stories From the Borderland. Scott will pick a weird tale that's been overlooked, forgotten or never received the attention it deserved in the first place, he'll write a blog post about why it's important, and then I'll illustrate the "creature" featured in each story. Scott's an author so he tells it better:

"Stories From the Borderland is a collaborative project between artist Michael Bukowski and myself. Beginning Dec. 2, 2015 and continuing each Wednesday for five weeks (skipping Christmas week when Michael has his own special plans), we will simultaneously showcase on our respective blogs one great Weird story that for varying reasons lacks the currency it deserves. I will post a short essay here about each story, while Michael will illustrate some…creature appearing in the story on his blog: http://yog-blogsoth.blogspot.com/"
Tomorow's our first post! Get excited!