Sunday, August 28, 2016


Hey folks! I just wanted to interrupt this month of monsters to give you a heads up on what's going on.

This last week of August/first week of September, I'll be returning to H.P. Lovecraft's writing for a group of Gods In Human Form from some ancient religions. Here's where things get interesting. As I've stated, my original goal was to illustrate every single creature/god Lovecraft mentioned in his works. Well, I'm down to the last 13 gods!

But don't worry. I may be getting close to being done with Lovecraft, but that doesn't mean I'm done with this blog. Drawing monsters based on the writing of weird fiction authors has become a bit of a habit for me, so I'm just going to shift focus. If you've been following this blog, you'll notice I've been delving into more obscure authors and works. That will continue to happen. Right now my goal will be to focus more on the other two authors of the "big three" (Robert E. Howard & Clark Ashton Smith) as well as try to introduce you to some lesser known authors from the pulp hayday, the 80s horror boom and  contemporary powerhouses.

So, just a summary of what's going to happen. I'll be posting the last 11 Gods In Human Form in the next few months (as well as a few redrawings of some older Gods/creatures). Then there is one remaining avatar of Nyarlathotep from HPL's writings I have left to draw. Lastly the final creature I will be illustrating from Howard's work will be the mad god Azathoth. The timeline is a bit loose but we should see Azathoth by Jan/Feb of 2017!

Expect new, weird things from Yog-Blogsoth and Seventh Church Ministries in the future!


  1. We will be waiting. Good luck.

    1. Your illustrations rock. I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to post!

  2. Your illustrations rock! I look forward to seeing whatever you decide to post!

  3. Certainly psyched. Let's just hope that nothing bad happens in the last few months of this year.