Friday, August 12, 2016


"The next minute something warme and wet had come plopping out of the ceiling and was clinging to the top of my head."

"It caused me no physical pain though, as I afterward discovered, it was attaching itself to me in a leechlike way. (It could get not purchase through my hair, but around the edges of my scalp, where the skin of my face was exposed, it was sucking in.) What I did feel, as soon as the flap of tissued closed over my head, was a blank, paralyzing fear."

"I couldn't put my hands to my head to try to dislodge the grayish flap. That would have meant that I recognized the ambiguous tissue as the sourse of my distress, and such insight was beyond me. "

"It was moving a little and looked, she said, like some horrible kind of mobile hair."

"It lay in my hand writhing and humping sluggishly."
Margaret St. Clair, The Dancers Of Noyo