Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Just a few quick updates.

1-Tomorrow, May 7th 11am EST, I'll be posting new prints in my etsy shop. They'll include a reprint of the Necronun print, and gold and silver versions of this Rotting Baphomet piece.

2-Next week will be the second and last (for now) week of Nyarlathotep collaborations, including Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Philip Gelatt, Gemma Files, W.H.Pugmire and Livia Llewellyn! Expect a more detailed post about that this coming Friday.

 Illustration by The joey Zone

3-Finally, I have some pretty big news. I've been in talks with Neils Hobbs (the coordinator of NecronomiCon) and it looks like I'll be showing some work at 2015's Con. And by some work, I mean ALL my work. By August 2015 I expect to be finished with this part of my Illustro Obscurum project, and I'll be showing EVERY SINGLE PIECE I'VE DONE FOR THIS BLOG. That's over 300 illustrations! There are a few other kinks to work out but that's further down the road.


  1. Unholy Yug, that's huge, big congrats on that!!!

  2. Whoa, a showing of the complete run... now that's an event worthy of NecronomiCon 2015! Definitely a must-see!