Friday, May 2, 2014


"His companion, on the other hand, was sober, well-dressed, slender, and mustached. His dark hair had been parted precisely down the middle; 
indeed, everything about him was precise."

"Question forgotten, Marjorie gaped, heart pounding, to see Zupan standing atop a small pyramid that had not been on stage a moment before, dressed in the robe and headdress she’d thought she’d seen at the beginning of his act. The headdress was Egyptian, of the nemes-style made famous by Tutankhamun, except that Zupan’s looked to be of no real substance, comprised instead entirely of chryselephantine electricity. As were his robes, Marjorie realized, when as he began to descend the pyramid one bolt of crackling energy moved strangely, momentarily revealing a flash of flesh that left her blushing. She kept her eyes on his face after that. He was naked under the garment—
if garment it was."
Molly Tanzer, Mysterium Tremendum
From a story provided exclusively for an Illustro Obscurum collaboration

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