Thursday, May 1, 2014



"The office was gone, replaced by a vast, dark plane.  Both the man in the shadows and the old man had remained, but behind each, an enormous black shape loomed.  The man in the shadows stood at the foot of a monument that would have put the Statue of Liberty to shame.  Struck from obsidian polished to trap what light there was within its acres of skin, the statue was of a man wearing a giant, gold mask whose design suggested the burial mask of an ancient pharaoh."

"The great, golden head of the statue was moving, tilting its blank face downwards.  At first, I thought the structure was breaking apart, but the head remained attached as its titan eyes rolled in their sockets.  I could feel its gaze churning across the plane in my direction.  It crashed over me like a wall of water."
John Langan, Irezumi
From a soon-to-be-published story provided 
exclusively for an Illustro Obscurum collaboration

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