Thursday, March 26, 2020


"The body nude, now grassless and hairless, effervescent green-yellow, abdomen translucent, almost see-through. A monster with tender eyes. Eyes meant to comfort her into a sense of ease now already amplified by the grass?"

"The ghost/creature/thing just continued to stand there, stare at her, its body flowing like liquid -- olive, sea-green, pine, emerald, lime, chartreuse, pistachio."

"No longer a puddle, the mound of glimmering goo was steadily rising, shaping...legs, torso, arms and head. Eyes."

"Hovering above her, she sees the length of the appendage that was inside her -- a tendril longer than she ever thought she could sustain and yet there was no pain, only pleasure. She wants to pull him back inside her but it collapses into the gooey puddle of shimmering blob in which she's lying."

"She shifts to her back and sees a face even less human than the night before -- a globular head with no nose and round green eyes with saucer-shaped slits in their center."

"She watched the back of the slime monster man's luminous green figure as he walked through the tall grass towards the shore."
Anya Martin, Grass

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