Wednesday, March 25, 2020


"I was born a knot like my mother and her mother before her. Picture three women with their torsos twisted like thick pieces of rope with a single hitch in the center."

"But our knots are simple: Overhand. Our abdomens twist in and out just once, our bodies wrapping back into themselves, creating dark caverns, coiled as snakes."

"The first woman, Eleanor X, was born a knot in 1947, She gave birth to two sons (unknotted), and a daughter who carried the knot. Her births were not compromised by the knot."

"This very rare gene resides in the X chromosome. Doctors have determined the knots are largely a cosmetic issue, potentially rendering the women outsiders in society. The impact is largely emotional, rater than physical. Doctors have decided to halt their inquiry into its cause after years of inconclusive research."

"My breasts are small, and there is a bit of flatness before it begins. Just below my ribs, the skin changes. My knot is strained and stretch-marked, shining and hard.
Sarah Rose Etter, The Book Of X

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