Friday, March 27, 2020


"'Bigger than a person. Like an ape, maybe, but it didn't seem like it was finished. It seemed like a person in a gab or something, so that the shape was right, but there weren't any details. Arms, legs, hands. No eyes. Just a mouth. A big mouth, with one big tooth like a knife right i the middle of it, nothing else.'"

"I don't have to wait long. There's a sound from up the chimney, a roar, then a slurping, bumping, sliding, scuffling noise, and then something comes half-falling, half-pouring out of the hearth, big and black and awful, like a sack full of wriggling tar. It pushes a stink ahead of it, rotting weeds and hair left too long down a drain, and then it comes out mouth-first, that one huge tooth pointed straight at me like a dagger."
Orrin Grey, Remains

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