Friday, May 26, 2023


“The human within him woke, catching his reflection. Instead of skin and clothes, he beheld mangy, tangled fur, alien eyes, fangs, and a blunt snout. Horns protruding from his head. A lolling tongue.”

“He sees himself in the blue mirror of the old man’s eye, in all his terrible glory. He sees a vicious thing, neither dog nor weasel, but somehow both. A long snake-like body, with four legs that end in razor-sharp claws. A muzzle that slavers, full of serrated teeth. All of this murderous-impulse-made-flesh enrobed in matted golden fur, full of bristles.”

“They were like hands, and not like hands at all. The bone structure o a hand-like thing was there, but it was covered in golden fur, and each ‘finger’ was tipped with long, claw-like nails.”

“A creature stared back at him. It had a tapered south with fangs that glittered evilly when the mouth was open. It walked on four legs, and each foot ended in cruel claws. Rams’ curled horns sprouted from its awful head. The body of the beast was long, rather like a weasel’s body. This body was covered in thick, blond fur. Keith ram nor weasel nor lynx — it was all three. A monster. An abomination.”
Craig Laurance Gidney, Fur And Gold

This was another story where I had to put the book down and draw the creature. Such a vivid and cool description!

Next week will be a set of redrawn monsters followed by another week of monsters inspired by more contemporary authors.

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