Thursday, May 25, 2023



“So Fox went down to the swamp, where a pool of hot black tar bubbled. He mixed the tar with a crude figure he made of sticks and bones he’d dug up from graves. He gave the tar-thing glass eyes stolen from a little girl’s doll, a maggoty potato for a nose, and a slice of watermelon fro lips. A gator’s over-ripe heart, bout with wire was placed in the thing’s gloppy chest. Fox knew some Hoo-doo, so he put the whammy on the thing and Presto! Blammo! It lurched behind him, a man-sized poppet.”
Craig Laurance Gidney, Beneath the Briar Patch

I've loved Craig's work since I read his anthology Skin Deep Magic but he really hooked me with his amazing novel A Spectral Hue.

This creature and tomorrow's are from two different stories in his most recent collection Sea Swallow Me. I love the idea of a poppet made of mud and trash made by a rabbit!

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  1. Have you drawn the man made out of candle wax from "The White People" by Machen?